Terms & Conditions


These terms and Conditions are subject to change depending on the Current circumstances of the time; regardless, the terms at the time of booking are to be considered valid unless in case of any circumstance that warrants a Force majeure.

We organize safari & tours in all East African countries for Gorillas, chimps, wildlife, cultures, All National Park Tours, mountain climbing, honeymoon, to mention but a few.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully and in case of any inquiries contact us as these set out the respective obligations and form the basis of your contract with Two Servants Tours & Safaris.“Client”, means all persons mentioned in the booking form (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date) and “we”, “us”, “the company” and “Service Provider” means Two Servants Tours & Safaris and any of our Partners.


The prices quoted for the various safaris are as per the itinerary and include the following services, unless stated differently; overnight in hotels, guesthouses, tents, lodges and all meals as indicated, sightseeing as noted in the itinerary, park entrances fees and ranger fees, English speaking drivers/guides and bottled mineral water in the vehicle.
The following expenses are not covered unless under a special arrangement and upon request from the client; international and domestic air fares, visa and passports, meals not mentioned in the itinerary, drinks other than mineral water provided in the vehicle, tips and gratuities for the guides and accommodation for staff, laundry, travel insurance and other expenses of a personal nature.
Prices on the website or quoted to our clients are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until confirmed.
We reserve the right to adjust the price at any time should there be any fluctuation in the exchange rate or increase in the cost of any proportion of the trip, but the company will make all effort to minimize any such adjustments.


Your booking is confirmed and a contract only exists when we issue a written confirmation after receipt of the applicable deposit amount which is not less than 30% of the entire quote within the specified period, unless under special agreement with the client.
Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us.
Please ensure that the names are exactly as stated on the relevant passport or identification documents.
Your booking contract is valid immediately after you have read and signed the terms and conditions.


Anyone under the age of 10 years on the date of the safari tour is considered to be a minor.
Minors must always be accompanied by an adult.
One adult may accompany up to two minors. The minimum age to be on our safari tour is 3 years.
If the consent of a parent, guardian or any other person is required by the applicable laws of that country, the associated adult is responsible for securing all consents, documentation and ensuring that the minor(s) meet all the legal requirements to travel on our safari tour.
We shall not be liable for any fees, damages or (and) losses incurred as a result of any failure to secure necessary consents, permits and all approvals.
Each adult on our tour with a minor(s) is jointly responsible for the behavior, well-being, supervision, and monitoring of such minor(s) and accepts these terms for and on behalf of any such minor(s) including all assumptions of risk and limitations of liability.


We use elegant and very suitable hotels/lodges/camps which are very attractive with good facilities, hot water, friendly staffs and reasonable prices. It’s on that note that we request all our clients to advise if they have any allergy and dietary requirements in advance. We reserve the right to alternate equivalent or superior hotels in regard to your booking.


All cancellation requests must be made in writing and shall be effective on the date of receipt of a written notice being received by Two Servants Tours & Safaris.
The following cancellation charges apply to our basic program rate;
1. 60 days or more prior to arrival 15% charge
2. 59-32 days prior to arrival 25% charge
3. 31-8 days prior to arrival 50% charge
4. 7-3 days prior to arrival 75% charge
5. 48 hours or less prior to arrival 100% charge Two Servants Tours & Safaris reserves the right to deduct all expenses incurred from money paid.
Gorilla, Chimpanzee permits and air tickets are 100% non-refundable.
We do not refund for any unused services, late arrival or no-show of any of the members of the tour.
However, we rarely cancel confirmed bookings, but we must reserve the right to do so. We always try to avoid canceling of already confirmed bookings.
We shall not cancel your confirmed holiday less than 60 days before departure unless we are forced to do so as a result of unusual and unforeseeable conditions beyond our control, the consequences of which we are unable to avoid even with all due care. If we cancel your tour (except where you have failed to make payment or as a result of force majeure) we shall offer you the choice of purchasing an alternative tour from us of a similar standard to that originally booked if available. If the chosen alternative is less expensive, we shall refund you the difference. Alternatively, you are entitled to a full refund of all monies you have paid to us less that paid for gorilla permits and such monies that are non-refundable which can only be refunded if made available to us.
Please note that cancellation fees are based on the date your written notification is received at Two Servants Tours & Safaris.


The information, descriptions and opinions given by us in respect of itineraries, national parks, gorilla permits, animal sightings, accommodation and security are given in good faith based on current existing information. Extra precaution is taken to ensure the truthfulness of the information provided.
We cannot and will not accept any responsibility for any mistakes or omissions caused by issues past our control.


You are advised to have a travel insurance policy through your preferred agent before coming to Uganda, but we can as well offer such assistance through our insurance partners Sanlam Insurance Company here in Uganda, take time to review our Travel Insurance Policy. Please request this at the time of booking in case you require us to purchase this for you, and it will depend on how many days you will spend in Uganda.
Your travel documents are valuable and should be safeguarded as if they were cash.
It is your responsibility to fulfill passport, visa and other immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and or/consulates.
We do not accept any responsibility in the case of you being unable to travel due to not complying with any such requirements.
We can offer assistance services on visa and advice on the most applicable visa for your travel. You can contact us whenever the need arises.


Force majeure means any event which we have no control over and circumstances where all due care was exhibited however the event(s) could not be avoided or foreseen. Such events include but are not limited to wars, riots, civil strife, border closures, unexpected government acts, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, road closures, epidemics, quarantines, dangers incident on land, in water and within our air space and similar events outside our control.
Two Servants Tours & Safaris will not accept liability or pay compensation where the performance of our service is affected by any event which the company and or the supplier of the service in question could not, reasonably foresee or avoid.
Two Servants Tours & Safaris reserves the right to revise cost of the safaris without prior notice written or otherwise against the general increase in prices of other service providers (hotels, fuel, national parks fees, food prices etc.)
Before full confirmation, we also reserve the right to withdraw a tour or any part of it, to make such alterations in the itinerary as desirable, to refuse to accept or retain as a member of any tour any person at any time, and to pass on to a tour member any expenditure or losses caused by delays or events beyond our control.


Two Servants Tours & Safaris shall try to ensure that we exceed the client’s expectations in every area of our tour arrangements. Regardless, suggestions are very much welcome in order to ensure better and quality service delivery.
Any complaints must be reported immediately to Two Servants offices or the representative and to the supplier of the service in question, who will do their best to resolve the matter at hand. If the problem is not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, a written complaint should be made not later than 30 days after completion of the tour.
Liability for any complaints not notified in accordance with the above described procedure may not be accepted.


Two Servants Tours & Safaris will make every measure to ensure that all arrangements and services offered are carried out as specified in the most efficient and effective way possible.
However, the company does not have direct control of services provided by suppliers and, whilst every supplier is chosen with utmost care and we shall not accept liability for errors or omissions by such suppliers.
We shall also not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature whatsoever whether to person or to property.
Whilst every care is taken, Two Servants Tours & Safaris cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect costs of loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions.
Two Servants Tours & Safaris cannot accept liability or pay compensation for unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company or its staff, including flight delays/cancellations or force majeure such as war or threat of war, extreme weather conditions, riots, civil strife, boarder closures, strikes, epidemics, fire, technical/mechanical problems to transport, theft, pirates, and all similar events beyond our control.
You waive any claim against us for any such loss, damage, injury or death.
It is our responsibly to ensure that all members of the tour have the appropriate passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates and other documentation required for the safari.
It is the responsibility of the client(s) to take proper medical and practical precautions in regard to his / her or their health and safety. Medical advice should be sought well before travelling.
The respective laws of Uganda govern the Two Servants Tours & Safaris’ liability to passengers carried on its own vehicle. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Uganda or country in which the cause of action arises.
Two Servants Tours & Safaris is not liable and will not assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from the act or omission of any party other than us and our employees.
We are not liable for any acts or omissions whether negligent or otherwise of third party suppliers of other services providers.


You acknowledge that our safari tours and the services offered by us may involve a significant amount of risk to your health and safety, therefore by being on our safari tour; you acknowledge that you have considered any potential risks to your health and safety.
You here by assume responsibly for all such risks and release Two Servants Tours & Safaris from all claims and actions arising from any losses, damages, injuries or death resulting from risks inherent in the safari. You acknowledge that the degree and nature of personal risk involved depends on the services booked and the locations in which these services operate and that there may be a significant degree of personal risk involved. You also agree that you have acknowledged the potential risks, danger and challenges and your personal capabilities and needs, and assume all the risks associated with tours under such conditions.


All personal belongings and baggage are at the passenger’s own risk.


We reserve the right to take photographic images of individual participants to use for commercial promotion of our safaris.
Any tour member, who wishes that his/her picture not to be used, is asked to identify him/herself to the tour guide at the start of the tour.


Caution is advised when viewing the animals, please be advised that there are no guarantees. It is a privilege to see animals in their natural habitats, but keep a safe distance while taking photographs.
Liability is stood by you in case you are attacked the animals while taking photographs or when you have not taken a safe distance while viewing them.
Gorilla permits, guarantee that you will trek gorillas after payment to their location but does not guarantee that the gorillas will be in plain sight.


My advancement of a deposit to Two Servants Tours & Safaris declares that I have fully read and understood the contents of the terms and conditions.
Note: should you find discontent with either your vehicle or guide while on our safari, we require that you allow us 24 hours to rectify the issue before implementing any further action against Two Servants Tours & Safaris.

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