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12 Days Uganda Exclusive Safari

12 Days Uganda Exclusive Safari

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Where Can I Take A Uganda Exclusive Safari?

Two Servants is the answer. We are a company specializing in land tours in Uganda, offering customized safaris throughout the country. Our expert local guides will tailor your experience to the time of day, animal sightings, and more. Our company offers a unique opportunity to experience the authenticity of Uganda through its great beauty and diversity, where wild animals roam. With our Uganda Exclusive Safari, you can explore this African wilderness with your own guide. You will find yourself surrounded by amazing creatures like elephants, lions, giraffes and even crocodiles. It’s time for a Uganda Exclusive Safari for a new adventure!

With the natural habitat within the borders, our Uganda Exclusive Safari is an adventure you will never forget, we give you the chance to witness Africa’s deep jungles, its high mountains, its long rivers and its extraordinary wildlife. Uganda, a once-in-a-lifetime destination for the perfect safari experience. We offer exclusive safaris with expert guides, the best accommodations, impressive natural beauties and delicious food. Our company offers a Uganda Exclusive Safari with tours to see the animals, activities for the adventurous traveler and more, our experience in the travel industry means that your safari will be exciting and worth it!

Bring your family together with Two Servants and create memories that will last a lifetime! Our Uganda Exclusive Safari will be an exciting and unusual adventure that you will probably have in your lifetime. It will be a truly unique and unforgettable experience! Exciting and exceptionally exclusive!

Does Two Servants Have Uganda Exclusive Safaris?

Yes, Two Servants specializes in providing you with the best safari experiences, comfortable accommodations and personalized service. With our Uganda Exclusive Safaris we offer various adventure activities such as trekking, mountain biking, rafting and more. We also offer tours that include gorilla tracking. Uganda is a renowned destination for African wildlife viewing tours, due to its world renowned national parks, these parks are home to large animals. Invest in our Uganda Exclusive Safaris and travel in style and comfort in a vehicle exclusively for you and your party.

Uganda is a country with an exceptional heritage of wildlife. Witness how animals live with our Uganda Exclusive Safaris service, we have access to precious encounters that you will surely enjoy! We offer high quality of service and unmatched quality at affordable prices. Our company offers the best in private safaris, sightseeing and adventures. We provide our guests with exceptional service and we’ll take care of everything, so you can be sure you’re in one of the best companies when planning your vacation in Uganda.

Two Servants is a tour company offering Uganda Exclusive Safaris with a friendly and qualified team. We are experienced in the natural beauty, history and culture of Uganda and provide quality service to guests. We are your guide! Our tour company can help you enjoy the best the country has to offer with Uganda Exclusive Safaris, our service will make your trip smooth and relaxing, including information on top attractions, budget planning and more.

How Can I Schedule a Uganda Exclusive Safari?

Easily! Contact us and schedule your Uganda Exclusive Safari. At Two Servants we have fun safaris with responsible guides who will show you animals in their natural habitat, we offer a selection of walking safaris and excursions to explore the lush forests, as well as guided jeep tours through spectacular landscapes. Explore and experience the natural beauty of Uganda on our safaris, our adventures come complete with all-inclusive accommodation and activities. Book your Uganda Exclusive Safari with us and go on adventures in this part of Africa!

Home to spectacular wildlife, Uganda is a beauty for travelers, filled with rainforests and lakes teeming with game. This country is home to some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa. With a Uganda Exclusive Safari you will be able to observe wildlife including the mountain gorilla. Uganda is a country known for its lush jungles, charismatic wildlife, and natural treasures. Two Servants offers you the chance to experience what this land has to offer by taking you on an exciting Uganda Exclusive Safari!

To experience the richness and majesty of this country’s wildlife, you need the right guide. Our company focuses on making your safari experience unforgettable, we have experience in the tourism industry and we know how important it is for you to have an unforgettable experience with the right guides and vehicles. We are sure that you will have a spectacular experience when you book a Uganda Exclusive Safari with us. Our travel company specializes in organizing dream safaris for travelers who want to experience Uganda. With our personalized approach to the safari experience and accommodation, we are able to maximize your enjoyment.

Will A Uganda Exclusive Safari Also Include Other Safaris?

Yes, at Two Servants our packages are designed for your enjoyment. If you are looking for an exciting adventure with the comforts of home, our Uganda Exclusive Safari is the perfect trip for you because it includes other safaris all in one package! We provide you with all the information you need to make a decision about which safaris suit your needs. To enjoy the best experience, take a look at our range of multi safaris! We offer different tours, all tours include photo permits, airport transfers, room and board, and various activities including boating. Start with an affordable Uganda Exclusive Safari!

Two Servants is a safari and adventure tour company offering exciting packages across the country that include mountain gorilla tracking and more. Our Uganda Exclusive Safari provides various adventures that are designed to give you a once in a lifetime experience that you will want to share with your friends and family. Uganda is a country well known for its natural beauty and wildlife, experience this exciting country with our company intended for the enjoyment of travelers of all origins including those on a tight budget, we offer comfort in the African wilderness.

Our Uganda Exclusive Safari is spectacular! Our professional guides have local knowledge and offer a truly immersive experience. Travel to Uganda and experience the thrill of your life, on our Uganda Exclusive Safari you will see some of the largest animals in their natural habitat. We are here to ensure that Ugandans and tourists alike have the best safari experience.

Do Uganda Exclusive Safaris Include Lake Victoria?

Yeah! Our Uganda Exclusive Safaris offer visits to spectacular locations including Lake Victoria. Two Servants guarantees your experience in Uganda, this is not just a safari, this is special! Our exclusive Uganda Exclusive Safaris packages include exciting experiences and activities for the traveler, we guarantee that it will be an unforgettable adventure. We know the importance of planning your trip to Uganda and our Uganda Exclusive Safaris are a great way to do it. We include a pre-planned itinerary, including transfers, activities and more. We make sure that you can see and enjoy in one trip!

If you want to experience the real Africa, then our service is what you need. Our Uganda Exclusive Safaris offer a unique personal experience, we offer friendly customer service, spectacular trips and experiences. We offer different animal sightings and activities that will make your stay something special. Be sure to purchase a safari package with us!

We offer one of the best safari drives in Uganda, one of the most biodiverse destinations in the world, with magnificent parks and game reserves, exciting wildlife and beautiful scenic drives. Uganda is teeming with wildlife and adventure to offer a great hunting experience, it is the ideal place for an exciting safari. Book your Uganda Exclusive Safaris with Two Servants to make your African adventure unforgettable!

Does Two Servants Provide Uganda Exclusive Safaris?

Two Servants offers complete Uganda Exclusive Safaris packages, with a variety of exclusive services. Our team of trained guides are at your service so that you have the best experience, we offer you various types of wildlife safaris at affordable prices, with us you can enjoy all the benefits that Uganda has to offer. Our Uganda Exclusive Safaris can include a 4×4 vehicle driven by a qualified driver, plus you will go with an experienced guide who will take you safely to your destination, they will be there for you to have an unforgettable experience.

Two Servants is a company that offers one of the best tourism services in the country. We offer a personalized safari experience for clients! With our unique safari approach, we tailor to the individual and personalize everything, providing a style of service that allows for the true African safari experience. Our Uganda Exclusive Safaris give you the opportunity to experience Uganda with exciting tours, where you can see wildlife in their natural habitat.

We offer fun tours that are available to everyone from private groups to families. Our Uganda Exclusive Safaris provide an authentic, exciting and unforgettable experience, are affordable and within the reach of those who want to enjoy Africa. The best way to tour and enjoy the territory of Uganda is with a qualified company. This is the ideal company to enjoy the scenery with a safari vehicle! We offer exciting Uganda Exclusive Safaris for wildlife viewing, our safaris are designed to give you a good experience and exciting memories.


12 Days



  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Ishasha Sector
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Kibale National Park


  • All accommodations
  • All transportation (Unless labeled as optional)
  • All activities, unless indicated as optional
  • Meals (As specified in the day-by-day section)
  • Professional guide
  • Taxes / VAT


  • International flights
  • Tips (Tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
  • Personal items (Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

Day 1:

Entebbe ViaVia Uganda Entebbe

We're as excited as you are to get started on your Ugandan safari. After an introduction to your guide and a few brief formalities, it's time to get out there and find the animals for which Uganda is so famous.Entebbe is the main air gateway to Uganda. It stands on the lush northern shore of Lake Victoria – the world's second-largest freshwater body – only an hour’s drive south of the capital Kampala. It's a very relaxed and low-rise city, offering a good choice of lakeshore restaurants, abundant greenery, and some of the best urban bird watching anywhere in Africa.
You'll be staying at ViaVia Uganda Entebbe while you're in Entebbe, and it's a great place to stay. Activities Day 1 Rest of Day Enjoy some downtime relaxing in Entebbe. It’s a chance to charge your batteries, organize your photos and enjoy replenishing your energy levels. Around Lunchtime
  • Briefing, ViaVia Uganda Entebbe
Meal Plan – Day 1
  • Lunch & Dinner

Day 2-4:

Murchison Falls National Park

Described as the most exciting thing to happen to the Nile along its 6,000km journey from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean, the 43m-high Murchison Falls is also the centerpiece of Uganda's largest and oldest national park. Here you might encounter four of the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo), along with the world's largest population of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe, and several types of antelope and monkey. Particularly noteworthy among 550-odd recorded bird species are the hulking great shoebill and Abyssinian ground hornbill, and the beautifully marked and very localized white-crested turaco and red-headed lovebird.Fall asleep to the sound of grunting hippos and awake to a chorus of birdsong at Murchison River Lodge, which overlooks a wide stretch of the Nile as it flows downriver from Murchison Falls to Lake Albert. The accommodation and food at this well-managed bush lodge both draw regular praise, but our favorite thing about it is the wild riverside setting, which can be enjoyed from the swimming pool or shady terrace restaurant.
Activities Day 2Morning Transfer by Road, ViaVia Uganda Entebbe to Murchison Falls National Park Transfer time: 5 to 6 hours Evening We break our game drive this evening with a stop at the famous Top of the Falls, a stunning viewpoint from where you can truly appreciate the primal power of Murchison Falls.
Activities Day 3Early Morning Early this morning in Murchison Falls National Park, go on a guided game drive looking for wildlife and learning all about them from your professional guide. Afternoon This afternoon you will join a boat trip along the Nile to Murchison Falls. In addition to the tropical African riverine scenery, expect to see plenty of wildlife on the way. Transfer by Road, Murchison River Lodge to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Transfer time: 2 to 3 hours Hone your tracking skills as we go rhino tracking through the bush.
Activities Day 4Morning Transfer by Road, Murchison River Lodge to Visit Amuru Hotsprings Transfer time: 2 to 3 hours Afternoon Visit Fort Partiko, Gulu Visit Aruu Falls, Gulu Meal Plan – Day 2, 3 & 4 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 5-6:

Kibale National Park

Often referred to as the primate capital of East Africa, Kibale National Park is famed as Uganda's top site for tracking chimpanzees. Other primates you’re likely to see here include red colobus, black-and-white colobus, L’Hoest’s monkey, red-tailed monkey, olive baboon and Uganda mangabey. Only the lucky few will encounter Kibale’s secretive population of forest elephants, but you are certain to enjoy the prominent birdlife. Day 5, Fort Portal Fort Portal is named after Sir Gerald Portal, a former British Consul General of Zanzibar. It's a medium-sized town set amidst the rainforests, tea plantations and crater lakes that characterize the fertile Rwenzori foothills.Our base in Kibale National Park is Kibale Forest Camp, where you will be glamping in a simple tent set below a thatch shelter. Proper beds and bedding are provided, and the tent even has a charging point, but you'll be using a common ablution block with hot showers and flush toilets. The camp lies in the depths of the forest, so you should see and hear plenty of monkeys, birds and other forest creatures.
Activities Day 5 Early Morning
  • Transfer by Road, Murchison River Lodge via Fort Portal to Kibale National Park
Transfer time: 4 to 5 hours Afternoon
  • This afternoon you'll take a tour of Fort Portal, led by one of our friendly guides.
  • Visit Tooro Botanical Gardens, Tooro Kingdom
  • Visit Amabere caves, Fort Portal
Activities Day 6 Early Morning
  • You'll go trekking through the forest to find chimpanzees, and then spend precious time with a chimp family group in Kibale National Park early this morning.
  • Our eagle-eyed guides will take you out looking for birds in Kibale National Park, with so many new and different species to add to your list.
  • Join us for a walking safari in Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. Stepping out into the African wild on foot is very safe and brings a whole new level of excitement to your safari.
Meal Plan – Day 5 & 6
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 7:

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Protecting 95 mammal and 610 bird species, more than any other location in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park ranks among Africa's most biodiverse safari destinations. Lions prey on the antelope that graze the grassy plains. Hippos and elephants are prolific around the larger lakes and waterways. Salt-encrusted crater lakes provide a seasonal feeding ground to flamingos and other wading birds. There are also large tracts of rainforest inhabited by chimpanzees, giant forest hogs and various monkeys. Walking safari, Queen Elizabeth National Park Come with us on a walking safari, where you'll enjoy the thrill of stepping out into the African wild with an experienced guide. Although you won't be watching the animals from a vehicle, it's still very safe, and it's a priceless opportunity to feel really connected to the animals you'll see and the landscapes you'll explore in a whole new way. Boat Trip, Kazinga Channel We join a boat trip following the Kazinga Channel to its confluence with Lake Edward. Hemmed in by steep walls and set below the glacial Rwenzori peaks, Kazinga is home to large numbers of hippo, as well as elephant, buffalo, waterbuck and Uganda kob. Lion, leopard and giant forest hog are more occasional. The birdlife is reliably fabulous.
There's a distinctly African feel to Topi Lodge’s en suite bandas, with their timber floors, beds made from rough-hewn branches, and decor dominated by local matting and woodcarvings. The bandas here all have wide stilted balconies from where you can enjoy the bush setting and possible sightings of passing wildlife from the bordering Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.Activities Day 7 Early Morning
  • Transfer by Road, Kibale National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park
Transfer time: 1 to 2 hours Morning
  • The guided game drive is the best thing about going on safari and that's what you'll be doing this morning in Queen Elizabeth National Park. From the comfort of your vehicle, there's always a chance that you might see some of the animals that you came so far to see.
  • Walking safari, Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Boat Trip, Kazinga Channel
Meal Plan – Day 7
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 8-9:

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Back in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you get the opportunity to look for some of the wildlife you missed first time around.
Ishasha Sector (Day 9) We visit the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, whose celebrated tree-climbing lions tend to favor a few specific acacia and fig trees well known to our knowledgeable guides.Spend another night in Topi Lodge.
There's a distinctly African feel to Topi Lodge’s en suite bandas, with their timber floors, beds made from rough-hewn branches, and decor dominated by local matting and woodcarvings. The bandas here all have wide stilted balconies from where you can enjoy the bush setting and possible sightings of passing wildlife from the bordering Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Activities Day 8 Morning
  • This morning you will join the Queen Elizabeth Predator Project, tracking down lions and possibly leopards using radio collars that have been fitted to study individuals.
  • Boat Trip, Kazinga Channel
Activity Day 9 Morning
  • Learn everything there is to know about coffee on this tour of a working plantation. Apart from what you'll learn, it's lovely to be surrounded by so much greenery.
  • You'll be heading down more safari trails in search of animals in Ishasha Sector when we take you on a guided game drive. This is the best thing about many safaris, and you'll hopefully see many animals.
Meal Plan – Day 8 & 9
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 10-11:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Supporting almost half the world's mountain gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is arguably the best place anywhere in the world to track these charismatic gentle giants through their misty forest home. But there is far more to this UNESCO World Heritage Site than just gorillas. The lush forest interior is also home to a diversity of other mammals, ranging from L’Hoest’s monkey and chimpanzee to elephant and the yellow backed duiker. A total of 350 bird species, 23 of which are unique to the Albertine Rift Valley, ensure that Bwindi ranks among East Africa's most rewarding birdwatching destinations.Enjoy grandstand views over the lushly forested southern slopes of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park from Rushaga Gorilla Camp, which stands just 1km from the Rushaga gorilla-tracking trailhead. The wooded grounds at this well-appointed lodge attract plenty of birdlife, and amenities include a massage spa, restaurant and bar.
There's a distinctly African feel to Topi Lodge’s en suite bandas, with their timber floors, beds made from rough-hewn branches, and decor dominated by local matting and woodcarvings. The bandas here all have wide stilted balconies from where you can enjoy the bush setting and possible sightings of passing wildlife from the bordering Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Activities Day 10 Morning
  • Transfer by Road, Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Transfer time: 3 to 4 hours Afternoon
  • Batwa Trail, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Rest of Day Relaxing, Rushaga Gorilla Camp Activity Day 11 All Day
  • You'll never forget the time you spend with the mountain gorillas when we take you trekking through the forests to find them in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
Meal Plan – Day 10 & 11
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 12:

The last day with us

We wish this safari didn't have to end, but this will be when we go our separate ways. We hope you've loved your safari journey and that you'll be back one day. Until then, travel safely and thank you for choosing us as your safari companions.Transfer by Road, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park via Equator point Uganda to ViaVia Uganda Entebbe Activity Day 12 All Day
  • Transfer by Road, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park via Equator point Uganda to ViaVia Uganda Entebbe.
Transfer time; 5 to 6 hours

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