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Two Servants Tours & Safaris is a Kitooro Tours and Entebbe Safaris agency located in Uganda. We are your number one tour guide into what the Pearl of Africa has to offer. Let us dive deeper into the history of all your favorite Uganda National Parks, the local foods and most important of all why you should visit the Pearl of Africa and so much more. All our clients will obtain personalized and first-class services during their Uganda vacation. Our expertise and high-quality customer service will help you create the perfect Uganda vacation package. We have been in business since 2019 and are members of different prestigious organizations related to the travel industry. We at Two Servants Tours and Safaris would like to offer you every kind of service here in Uganda. Our team of professionals has a tremendous wealth of experience in the travel industry and are capable of fulfilling every client’s needs while traveling with us. We hope to meet all your Kitooro Tour and Entebbe Safari needs.

Where Can I Take An Entebbe Safari?

Ready for the adventure of your life? Two Servants offers the ideal opportunity to explore Entebbe and its surroundings. Take a journey through breathtaking landscapes, meet local wildlife and experience the best of it like never before. With our Entebbe Safari, you can create unique memories that will last a lifetime, you can make the vacation getaway a reality.

Live an unforgettable adventure with Two Servants! Explore the wonders of Entebbe and its surroundings with the help of an experienced guide. Get up close and personal with exotic wildlife, take in breathtaking scenery, and experience like never before. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Entebbe Safari today!

Is Two Servants A Entebbe Safaris And Kitooro Tours Safari Company?

Enjoy the African nature with Two Servants! Our Entebbe Safaris and Kitooro Tours Safari Company provides you with an unforgettable experience with expert guides, spectacular drives and fun activities. Get ready to explore the beauty and wildlife of Uganda like never before! With Two Servants, you get a fully immersive safari experience you won’t forget. From camping under the stars to birding hikes and more, we’ve got you covered for all your safari needs.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Look no further than Two Servants! We offer amazing safaris with hospitality and different experiences with wildlife. Our experienced safari guides will show you the best of Uganda’s nature, we are your reference company for your adventure desires in this country.

Can I Schedule A Entebbe Safari Of Uganda National Parks With A Uganda Safari Company?

Discover the wild beauty of Uganda with an Entebbe Safari of Uganda National Parks! Two Servants is a Uganda Safari Company with a team of expert tour guides who will take you on an unforgettable journey through the stunning national parks. With us, you’ll experience everything from fascinating wildlife to majestic landscapes, all from the comfort of a 4×4!

Get ready for the adventure of your life with an Entebbe Safari! Our company will take you on a journey like no other through some of Uganda’s stunning national parks. Enjoy personalized tours, designed for your enjoyment, and get the most out of your experience.

Will Entebbe Safaris Also Include Other Kitooro Tours?

Get ready to explore the wonders of Uganda with our Entebbe Safaris that also include other Kitooro Tours! Two Servants takes you to better observe the wildlife, surely you will have the trip of a lifetime! Get a first-hand look at gorillas, elephants, buffalo, leopards and more as you take in the beauty of diverse landscapes.

From seeing some of the world’s most exotic wildlife to exploring the landscapes, Two Servants provides the ideal way to explore Uganda! So don’t wait – book today for an unforgettable experience. With our website, you can schedule your safari with ease and convenience. Let our company make all the arrangements for you, so you can enjoy every minute of your Uganda experience.

Do Entebbe Safaris Take You On Kitooro Tours Of Uganda National Parks?

Live the African adventure with the Entebbe Safaris from Two Servants! Our expert tour guides will take you on unforgettable Kitooro Tours through the Uganda National Parks, where you can explore a variety of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. From large animals to bird watching opportunities, a safari with Two Servants will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Discover the beauty of stunning wildlife with our safaris! Our exciting tours will take you on a journey through some of the most stunning national parks in Uganda. With our guides, you will have the opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife and explore the natural beauty of the vast terrain.

Does Two Servants Provide Entebbe Safaris As A Kitooro Tour Company?

Experience beauty and adventure with Two Servants. Our Kitooro Tour Company will take you on a journey of discovery through the unique and breathtaking landscapes of Uganda. From safari tours to accommodation, we offer everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Escape the daily grind and explore beauty with our Entebbe Safaris! Our experienced tour guides provide an unforgettable experience that will take you to explore nature, where you will witness unforgettable sights and sounds.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Two Servants, your Kitooro Tour Company. Explore the mesmerizing beauty of the national parks and feel the thrill of being close to nature, your trip will be filled with unforgettable memories. Book your trip today and experience the majesty of the Ugandan wilderness!

Tailormade Trips Just For You

We Provide Special Entebbe Safaris and Kitooro Tours of Uganda National Parks.

We offer attractive and affordable tour and travel packages, directly supported by our Safari Expert Team to plan tailor-made around your interests and within your vacation budget to match your specific requirements.

No matter the kind of tour, is it a cultural tour, a honeymoon, a school trip to Africa, an adventurous vacation with friends and family or are you a solo traveller? No matter the budget we have something for you tailor-made just for you. Be sure to talk to us about your goals and we will wipe something up for you.

Exploring Uganda Is Our Passion

We operate from Uganda and we know our country as you know the palm of your hand. Our main goal has been always complete client satisfaction. We only use high-quality products and services, that we have been able to acquire through the time of operation.

Learn everything about Uganda

Remember, if you want a lifetime experience of visiting Uganda, your choice is Two Servants Tours and Safaris Ltd.

We can assure you of the highest quality of services.

Great Culture. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Uganda.

What Two Servants Tours & Safaris Can Offer You

Experienced Guides

Flexible Cancellation

Guide Tips

Suitable For Large Groups

Advanced Trips

Photography Tours

Other Services offered

Air Ticketing Services

We issue air tickets at competitive rates for both International and Domestic Airlines

Visa & Passport Processing

We offer assistance in processing visas to other countries and also acquisition of passports in Uganda

Car Hire & Airport Transfers

We offer airport transfer service to and from the airport

Meet The Founder

Tukei Christine Grace

Md. Tukei is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the company. In line with the strategic framework, risk appetite and annual and long-term objectives set by the Board. Tukei is one of the co-owner of Two Servants Tours and Safaris Ltd and she has been working in the company since 2019. She is responsible for what the company is today. Her wide experience and efficient management make the perfect combination with the other Two Servants’ Tours and Safaris staff. She is committed to giving the best possible service that you need. She is the voice between the board of directors and the Corporate. She is responsible for the overall success of the company and for making top-level managerial decisions.

Other Board Members

Mr Werenyalo Moses

Mr Werenyalo Moses

Co-Founder & CFO

Moses works collaboratively with the CEO and the BOD, and reports directly to the CEO. He works closely with the company’s accountant, and based on her reports, he advises the CEO and the board on the company’s strategic financial direction. He tracks the company’s cash flow, conducts financial planning and analyzes the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposes strategic directions. He oversees the finance and accounting professionals and advises departmental heads across TSTSL in maximizing revenues and minimizing expenses without sacrificing the company’s reputation. Moses has a structured mind with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a balanced personality, high working capacity, a strong service attitude, and excellent coordination skills.

The Rest Of The Team

Douglas Collins Bukenya

Douglas Collins Bukenya

Marketing & Reservations

Douglas is in charge of Sales and Marketing of the company and the packages. He is a very talented individual with exceptional knowledge, experience, and skills. He further leads market planning and identifies suitable advertising platforms for marketing all our products and services. He is also in charge of identifying key partners to influence marketing for more attractive sales.

Doreen Edith Apio

Doreen Edith Apio

Administration & Operations Manager

Doreen is responsible for providing the spice to the inbound department. She is in charge of creating, innovative packages and solutions for all our clients as well as management of the operations department. Her passion to detail makes her perfect for the job.
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